4 settembre 2018 - 21:39

Martina Carminati

Martina Carminati, studentessa della 3aG, fa parte del gruppo che ha partecipato a "Galilei on the Move", l'attività di alternanza scuola-lavoro all'estero finanziata con i fondi del Pon 2014-2020. Questo è il racconto della sua esperienza.


My work experience in Chester took place at “Dewa Roman Experience”, which is a museum located in the city centre.

As a trainee, my mainly tasks consisted firstly in staying at the front desk, where I learnt how to use the cash register and how to interact with customers.

Another task was to assist the manager with the office work when needed or to help at the gift shop.

However, the most engaging part was following the museum guides on the outside tours to the Amphitheatre and the Roman Gardens.

I helped keeping the children safe and had the chance to interact both with teachers and children.

The managers and the staff of the museum were friendly and welcoming. Besides learning practical skills, I also had the chance to challenge myself in an entertaining way.

Moreover, speaking English every day has had a great impact on the improvement of my communication skills and my fluency.

During my stay I learned that the touristic offers in Chester and the nearby cities are well promoted and always updated and if I had to promote these places myself, I would just improve the advertising on the social media, as they are the most efficient and most popular way to spread information.

I also found that their cultural sites are well preserved and protected and I can therefore say that we can learn from English people how to promote our local area better, organising events and keeping the infrastructure and the offers up to date.


In questo video, Martina e la sua compagna Martina Pisoni rivivono l'esperienza di "Galilei on the Move".