4 settembre 2018 - 21:39

Megan Belloni

Megan Belloni è una delle studentesse di 3aF che hanno partecipato a "Galilei on the Move". Qui il suo racconto delle tre settimane nel Regno Unito per le attività di alternanza scuola-lavoro.


My name is Megan and I have worked in a charity shop called Claire House, which sells second-hand clothes, books, dvds, cds video games and stuff like plates, curtains and cups. The products have got a high quality, so there are lots of customers.

I have learnt plenty of new things: how to stay at the till, how to interact with customers and with colleagues and I have understood how a shop really works because the manager showed me the accounting. I am much more confident, I can solve problems on my own and easily and I have improved my listening and speaking skills a lot.

Chester is very interesting and hides lots of secrets. It is a Roman fort and has the best preserved city walls in England where you can walk. We have also visited different cities like Manchester, Liverpool in Great Britain that are quite modern and Llangollen, Llandudno and Conwy in Wales that seem to be older and rustic.

To promote the different towns we have visited, I would create a website for each, dedicated to all the sights tourists can visit, so they could choose the most interesting ones easily and they would not risk forgetting any.

From my point of view, we could learn from English people how to promote our local area because for example, when we went to Liverpool there was a street called Matthew street completely dedicated to the Beatles. English people know how to exploit their history and cultural heritage to attract tourists and we should be inspired by them.

In conclusion, I can say that it was the best experience of my life, I enjoyed myself learning lots of new things!