5 settembre 2018 - 20:59

Beatrice Crostella

Beatrice Crostella, studentessa della 3aF, ha partecipato a "Galilei on the Move". Qui il suo racconto delle tre settimane a Chester.

During my three weeks’ stay in Chester my classmates and I did lots of very different activities related to the world of tourism including two weeks of work experience (ASL), which is a period during which a student can work, without being paid, in a work placement.

In the first week we did some English lessons at Conlan school, which weren’t very related to tourism in my opinion, but they helped us to improve our English thanks to the vocabulary provided by the teachers. We also visited Chester several times with a guide who wanted to make us understand why the city attracts a large amount of tourists every year: there are a lot of sights such as the city walls, the cathedral and the Roman amphitheatre. We also attended a lecture on sustainable tourism at the University of Chester and went to visit a famous Welsh town, Llangollen, renowned for its spectacular scenery and for its canal, which is a popular tourist attraction.


The following week I started working at the Brookside hotel: it is a small and typical  British hotel not far from the city centre. Here I was supposed to learn something more about tourism, but in reality I just did some work of what was called housekeeping, like hoovering. While I was working at the hotel I tried to observe things like the hosting of the guests: I noticed that the receptionists always asked the guests if they had ever been to Chester before, and if they hadn’t, the receptionists provided a very detailed map of the city with the most important sights and shops highlighted and they clearly explained how to get to the city centre. This means, in my opinion, a good organisation between the hotel and the attractions for tourists.

In general, in England I’ve seen a better organisation aimed at increasing the quality of the city in order to create an attractive atmosphere for a tourist. In Italy there are a lot of beautiful places that are abandoned or not well promoted. I think that Italian people should learn from British people how to enhance and promote their cultural and artistic heritage, and the sights we have in every corner of my beautiful country.