7 settembre 2018 - 21:02

Simone Liberti

Simone Liberti, studente della 3aF, ha partecipato alle tre settimane di "Galilei on the Move" nel Regno Unito. Questo è il suo racconto.

During this experience I learnt how the world of work actually works. It is a total different universe from school. We have been thrown in the job without any previous experience and at the beginning it was terrible because I was afraid of making mistakes and not understanding what my colleagues would have told me to do. But then I managed to keep calm and organize times and things to do at the café.


I also learnt how to make the customers feel comfortable and how to promote your own business. And for what concerns supporting the area and the linked tourism I understood that UK cares about visitors from abroad and so acts to create a system that involves them in the local tourism activities and not to disappoint them during their stay: well-functioning public transport service, guides in the city, different museums which can be visited for free, interesting shops and comfortable and welcoming places where you can eat.

Another interesting fact is the general kindness of the inhabitants. In 3 weeks I have never met someone who was rude to me, generally speaking. It is a key aspect in creating the right atmosphere in the city and attract new tourists, from the UK or from abroad. The strict rules employed help to keep a certain professionalism and to leave a good impression to the visitors that will go back home obviously satisfied.