8 settembre 2018 - 21:29

Chiara Manzoni

Chiara Manzoni, studentessa della 3aF, racconta la sua partecipazione all'alternanza scuola-lavoro all'estero di "Galilei on the Move".


Chester is a city famous for its cultural heritage, which is very important to make money, but also because it reminds us of the responsibility that everyone has to maintain and preserve it. But what can you visit there? First of all, the city walls, which are 2000 years old (they were built by the Romans), but also the Rows, a double line of shops which are unique in the world to Chester, the Cross and St. Peter’s Church (in which you can also eat and have a cup of tea or coffee), the Cathedral, the castle, the amphitheatre, the riverside, the zoo and so on.


But why do people need to promote these places? Easy to answer: if we simply think of the flight tickets, we will discover how cheap they are, and this makes Chester competitive with the world in general, because people can travel and visit more places without spending too much. Because of this and lots of other reasons, people have to invent new ways to maintain the city important and interesting for tourists who stay more than one day (normally if you go to a place only once you go shopping, and this is not the right way to improve the cultural heritage). After having stayed in Chester for twenty one days, I can say that one of the ways to promote the city is to invest on young people to maintain its tourist appeal, but also to foster the growth of local shops, trying to offer a big commercial variety for everybody.

In conclusion, after three weeks spent in Chester, I can say that they are on the right track to increase tourism, improving means of transports, creating more cycle routes and parks close to the River Dee, selling maps… They are trying to be more and more creative, and the recent opening of the StoryHouse, which is the biggest cultural place in the city, is a good example of this. Working there helped me to understand the importance of promoting our cities and our cultural heritage from a social, environmental and economic point of view.