9 settembre 2018 - 21:12

Aurora Panzera, studentessa della 3aG, racconta le sue tre settimane a Chester per l'alternanza scuola-lavoro di "Galilei on the Move".


From 1st July to 21st I participated in the PON project “Galilei on the move” with other 14 people among my class and 3F. During the first week we attended some English lessons focused, most of all, on the topic of Tourism. In particular I really enjoyed the conference at Chester’s university, where the lecturer spoke about sustainable tourism, so a kind of tourism that meets the needs of the present generation while protecting and enhancing opportunities for future generations. Mixing what I learnt at school and the thoughts of the people I interviewed, I understood how to promote a geographic area, enhancing the historical and cultural heritage of the country in question, or improving means of transport and making culture more accessible to everyone. As a matter of fact, in England most of the museums are free and everyone uses buses or taxis to move around the city.


In the last two weeks I had the opportunity to work in a charity shop, called the “Hospice of the Good Shepherd” in Northgate Street, where I managed to improve my English and my communication and working skills. I got on well with all my colleagues and the manager, who didn’t want me to go back home. I also visited lots of places I wouldn’t have been able to see without joining this project, so I’m very thankful to the PON and of course I would do it all again. For all these reasons, I recommend this amazing experience to all the lucky people who will have the chance to take part in a similar project.