9 settembre 2018 - 21:00

Gabriele Oliveto

Gabriele Oliveto, studente della 3aF, racconta la sua esperienza di alternanza scuola-lavoro all'estero con "Galilei on the Move".


In the month of July (from 1 st to 21 st ) thanks to european project PON some of my schoolmates and I went to the city of Chester in order to have a field trip and work experience: now I’m going to focus to my work experience and then to the first week, so the lessons at school.


Work experience

Talking about my work experience, I worked at the British Heart Foundation, which was a charity shop: all the money were donated to the research against the cardiac illnesses.
There, I worked as a shop assistant so I helped my colleagues keeping the shop tidy, welcoming the customers, selling raffle tickets and mostly using the till. It was a wonderful experience because it was my first real working experience so it helped me to understand the real meaning of “effort” I really enjoyed my stay at the British Heart Foundation: they treated me like a real employee even though sometimes some tasks were boring.



School lessons

The first week was the most interesting one because we had some english lessons; the main topic of those lessons was tourism, economy and the teachers/professors were amazing. I was really interessed in undertanding how does tourism and its economy work, so I was fascinated in understanding how British tourism worked.

I understood that tourism can be supported in several different ways; in fact, thanks to sustainable tourism, everyone can contribute to the developpement of tourism and economy thanks to their own activities.

In conclusion I find this experience completely positive and I hope to work in this branch of market in the future.