10 settembre 2018 - 20:13

Erika Piazza

Erika Piazza, studentessa di 3aG, fa parte del gruppo che ha trascorso tre settimane nel Regno Unito per un'esperienza di alternanza scuola-lavoro finanziata con i fondi europei del Pon 2014-2020. Questo è il suo racconto.


As an assistant in a charity shop (Cancer Research UK), I carried out several tasks, such as using the till, going to the bank, tidying up the shop, steaming and keeping the shop clean and organised. I can say I learnt the importance of respecting the schedule of my job, acquired more confidence in myself and in my competences and improved my English, since I was surrounded by English-speaking people all day long for three weeks.

As far as tourism is concerned, I learnt that Chester is a Roman city that is located in a strategic position for tourism, since it’s near cities like Manchester and Liverpool, and it offers a lot of jobs. We’ve been told that an important aspect for the city is its sustainability. Basically, the purpose of the Council is to preserve the city both thinking about the needs of present tourists and creating an opportunity of improvement for the future.


I’ve noticed in every city we visited that they use what they have to promote it. For instance, wherever you go in Liverpool, you’ll be surrounded by the Beatles. Chester uses its cultural heritage a lot. Since it’s a good way to enhance the interest of tourists towards the city, I think it is something we could learn from England, because with all the art and history we have in Italy we could be the most visited place in the world.

To conclude, I would say this experience was very useful and stimulating under every aspect.