10 settembre 2018 - 20:21

Martina Pisoni

Martina Pisoni, studentessa della 3aG, racconta le sue tre settimane a Chester con "Galilei on the Move".


During my experience in Chester I worked at Dewa Roman Experience, which is a museum in the city centre. As a museum, it organizes lots of tours indoors and around the city as well. As a trainee, I had to carry out several tasks, like following the tour guides on tour, but also staying at the front desk where I got to interact with visitors.

This experience helped me a lot to understand what a job means, as far as responsibility and punctuality are concerned.  Moreover, I learnt how to entertain a group of visitors, always trying to be interesting. Furthermore, I am now able to deal with problems, always trying to keep control. I also greatly improved my English and communicative skills.


As regards tourism, this experience made me realise how well English cities preserve their heritage sites. They promote every place that could attract tourists as best they can. Chester, for example, is well promoted since it is a strategic point between two international airports, Liverpool and Manchester, and it is also an historic city, so it attracts different kinds of tourists. The same promotion is applied to other cities in England, like the ones we visited. I believe we can learn a lot from their sustainable development: they promote their heritage, offer efficient transport services and local products.

In conclusion, I found this experience very useful for me and for my future since I acquired skills pertinent to my potential future job and I also enjoyed myself while visiting new places and learning about them.