10 settembre 2018 - 20:07

Rossana Pala

Rossana Pala, studentessa della 3aF, racconta le sue tre settimane a Chester per "Galilei on the Move".


Hello, I am Rossana and I have been in Chester for 3 weeks thanks to the PON project. This has been a very useful experience to improve my English skills and to understand better the world of work and tourism.

I noticed something really different in the sector of tourism: we should learn to give more value to what we have in Italy and enhance it a lot. In my view, this is the most important thing we should do in our country if we want to increase tourism.


We went to different places and cities during the three weeks. I believe they are well promoted in England. As to Wales, in my opinion they could organize more activities at the seaside or guided walks in nature in order to increase tourism. I found Manchester and Liverpool two "open-minded" cities, very modern and inspiring.

My work experience was quite hard, but I have greatly improved my listening skills and my organization skills. I found the place enjoyable, I practised my English a lot and I improved my pronunciation. I would recommend working abroad to everyone who wants to practise a foreign language and maybe become more self-confident.

To sum up, the project was nice, because I had the opportunity to discover new places and at the same time I improved my English in a working environment.